Solcial – social platform built on Solana

What is Social Networking (SLC)? Decentralized social platform built on Solana

Solcial tokens, or tokens backed by a person’s, brand’s, or community’s reputation, are gaining popularity and some believe they could be the next “generation of tokens” in the crypto community.

Solcial (SLC) is a decentralized social platform project built on Solana. Let’s learn about Solcial via the article below with the GTA Research Team.

What is Solcial?

Solcial is a decentralized social networking platform built on the Solana ecosystem. Solcial allows users to share content in different ways, avoids censorship, and fairly rewards users and content creators. This is a next-generation social platform that allows content creators to make a full-time living.

Solcial Characteristics

Solcial has two primary characteristics:

• Interact with other users by posting and commenting on their posts.

• Earn money by sharing your information with your followers.

Solcial’s Highlights

In addition to the two main features mentioned above, Solcial also has the following highlights:


It is completely decentralized and independent of third parties.

Make money

Users will be rewarded with followers for their contributions.

High scalability and high speed

For users, it is feasible to process millions of transactions, all of which are executed on-chain.

• Write posts and comments to interact with friends and key opinion leaders.

• Set rates and share user thoughts in real time with your followers. Every user becomes a company.


Cpmpetitor projects with Solcial are Rally, WHALE, Friend With Benefits…

When was the project established?

The project was established in April 2021.

The project’s Twitter was set up in April 2021 and currently has 3.2K Followers.

Team – Project team

Goldman Sachs: Former Apple employee and recipient of more than 30 major awards nominations.

Project Roadmap


Investors & Partnerships

Solcial has raised $2.9M from major investors such as Alameda Research, Solana, Master Ventures, Rarestone, GTA Ventures…


Solcial token details

Token name : Solcial

Ticker : SLC

Blockchain: Solana

Token Allocation

Investor: 10% (Vesting for 2 years)

Team and Advisors: 20% (1 year cliff then vesting for 2 years)

Marketing and Partnerships: 10%

Ecosystem Incentive Fund: 30%

Treasury Fund: 30%

Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

SLC will be used to buy and sell tokens of users

Used to vote for activities in the project

Reduced transaction fees when using SLC

Profit will be used to buy and burn SLC

Where to buy and sell Solcial tokens?

Based on the announcement from the project, Solcial will not have IDO and Public Sale. SLC tokens will be released through the farming program in the first month.







A new market trend is determined by the number of individuals and groups starting to create Social tokens as well as their value is increasing rapidly. Because Social Token is at a very new stage, there are many risks but also great opportunities. Hopefully the next trend of the cryptocurrency market, Social Tokens will soon become a big trend similar to DeFi or the Game “play to earn”.

Solcial allows users to share content in different ways, avoids the censorship, and rewards users and content creators in the most equitable way. This is the latest-generation Social platform that makes it possible for content developers to completely earn money.

The information in this article comes from the GTA Research team’s research on the Solcial project, and it is not investment advice. We hope that this essay has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision about the project.

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