GTA Ventures x Bemil

GTA Ventures is proud to announce our latest partnership with Bemil.

✅ Bemil is an entertaining game with a Play to Earn feature, in which players can engage in battle modes with each other, build party & clan, explore the minigames and other features of the game.
Created in the pandemic period, the aim of Bemil is to create a world where people can have fun and make earnings at the same time

✅ GTA Ventures is a pioneer crypto-assets venture, project accelerator, and community builder based in Vietnam. Our solid foundation built with multi-disciplinary teams has extensive experience spanning investing, portfolio management, technical recruiting, communications, and marketing.

🤝 GTA Ventures will provide marketing opportunities for Bemil in Vietnam market. We sincerely look forward to establishing mutually beneficial relationships between GTA Ventures and Bemil.

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