AMA: Konomi x GTA x Kyros-April 16, 2021

AMA: Konomi x GTA x Kyros-April 16, 2021

Konomi Network (KONO), a decentralized liquidates and money market protocol built on the Polkadot ecosystem for the DeFi sector.

⚡️ Konomi Network is no stranger to cryptocurrency! However, until now Konomi has been quite quiet. So what is Konomi cherishing for? Will be answered by beautiful guest in AMA between Konomi x GTA x Kyros.

Guest: Irene Zhao – CMO of Konomi Network

Period: 19:00 UTC + 7, April 16, 2021


Airdrop: $ 100 for 5 pre-ordered questions and 5 live questions during AMA

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